Facilitative Teaching

Facilitation methods create the better learning and doing environment to ensure the maximum participation and lifelong learning. As teaching touch the future like nothing else, we believe the role of the teacher must facilitate the learning and personal development. So, we are here with training on Facilitative Teaching Methods.

Facilitative Teaching Methods focuses on the role of the teacher as a facilitator to level up the engagement of pupils in learning. We believes that such ground-up initiatives will engage students and cater to their learning needs better.
Facilitation Methods are also known as participatory methods which are highly effective in the sector of development. Now, it is necessary to adopt these methods in the sector of education so that learners engage better and their learning can sustain for long time. It also helps learners to be a creative and innovative.

The Facilitative Teaching Methods help to understand and know how to manage groups of students to produce high levels of involvement which promote the sustainable learning and development of students. The one day long training on Facilitative Teaching Methods includes Mind Mapping, Six Thinking Hats, Simon Dialogue, ORID, World Cafe, Action Learning and Social Style which are internationally recognized.

This training course is specially designed for International Volunteers who are going to join our educational volunteer programs such as Teaching Aid, Youth Development, Teaching at Buddhist Monastery and Orphanage Aid programs. The cost for the one day long training is US$50/person. Please contact us at info@volunteeraidnepal.org for more information.