Volunteering at a Buddhist Monastery in Nepal

Buddhist Monasteries are the main centers for the preaching of Buddhist religion. The monasteries serve as the centers for religious practice and learning centers for the large number of Tibetan origin people living in Nepal. But unfortunately very few of them get balanced education for modern standard. They are preached for the traditional religious practice so mostly ignorant about the present-day world. In monasteries, they basically learn traditional ethics, logic, text – memorization, classical Tibetan calligraphy along with monastic debate in their curriculum. Present-day demand is to enable Buddhist monks and nunneries in English and Nepali understanding and using for daily use which is important in global village concept.


Recently, Guru Rimpoche has realized the need and importance of English Language in teaching in monasteries. Thousands of Tibetan devotees of Buddhism who want to spread the message of Lord Buddha need English to make conversation possible with western society. The volunteer work contributes for those who come in monasteries to get the light of education. Such students are from remote area and most of them are poor to join other private schools. In such cases, monasteries give opportunities to get modern education preserving the monastic education of Buddhism.

Monasteries are schools for such children and Buddhist followers. They are provided food and shelter, medicine, stationary materials in monasteries which is managed by donation so free of cost. These students in monasteries do not get any financial contribution by the government of Nepal.

Working as a volunteer teacher in Buddhist monasteries does not have specific curriculum, you may teach them basic conversational English to the students. Volunteers are responsible for creating lessons and classroom activities of their own which can be helpful to learn the language in a easy and everlasting method. Different role plays, games and conversational practices can be done with the students. Volunteers can work with the Nepalese teachers to run the classroom activities as there may be problem of communication. Skill of volunteer and the proper management of the activities in classroom can help students to improve their English. On the other hand, volunteers can participate in prayer and meditations in spare time. This volunteer Teaching Program combines religious learning and research through volunteer. Teach English Volunteer in Buddhist Monasteries Programme can be helpful for Tibetan children to circulate Buddhist Principles (sayings) all over the world and to study scriptures written in English.

Volunteers will be provided with meals (3 times a day), accommodations and supervision throughout the stay in monasteries as volunteer- teacher. The rules and conditions will apply for the international citizens as they are visiting Nepal as tourists. Placement and other official management are done by our Organization.


volunteer nepal monastery“First of all what can I say but a million thank you’s to the organizers, Volunteer Aid Nepal for such professionalism right from the start when I first applied to be a volunteer in a monastery in Nepal.

Of course, being my first time making a trip to Nepal, I never stopped questioning Bhuvan practically about every little detail. And thank you Bhuvan, you were always so quick and detail and patient in giving me an answer to all my never-ending questions.

My work at the monastery is a life time experience that I just have no words enough to describe. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the monastery teaching the little monks and the staff at the monastery are absolutely incredible. Throughout my stay there, they were so accommodating, helpful and they made me feel so much at home.

On the whole I must say that what I have contributed in my venture is only a ‘drop in the ocean’ compared to the experience I have gained from my work at the monastery and in my association with Volunteer Aid Nepal. ” – Jinkeer Kaur ( Malaysia/ Ireland) , Nov 12, 2010

Eligibility and Skill Requirements:

  • Good command in speaking and written English
  • Independent, enthusiastic and adaptable
  • Hard-working and open-minded attitude
  • International volunteers are welcome

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